History & Mission

Solares and Company began as a maintenance and repair firm in the late fifties in P.R. and quickly became involved in the distribution of new equipment. Through the sixties the company grew and product lines expanded to our current lineup of industrial products, creating a demand in nearby markets and culminating in the expansion of facilities into neighboring countries and the creation of a logistics hub in Florida.

During the seventies and into the eighties, focus was on growth in the Caribbean markets and streamlining the availability of products through the area. The late eighties provided an opportunity to begin manufacturing above and below ground steel tanks in factories in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and Caribbean Tank Technologies was born. We are part of the STI ( Steel Tank Institute) and received quality awards from STI consecutively. Our tanks are UL rated. As the last century came to a close, it became apparent that there was a need to have our equipment assembled and tested in house in order to make it easier and quicker for the end user to install. To meet this demand, fabrication facilities were implemented in order to package, assemble and deliver turn-key systems that could be put in service quickly, cost effectively and with a minimum of technical expertise.

Now, for this new millennium, we strive to continue our mission of providing quality industrial products at reasonable prices, providing excellent after sale care and service and performing high quality fabrication for customers that prefer thoughtfully engineered systems.